Lumps & Bumps.

Do you have a small lesion or deformity you're concerned about, but can't seem to find the procedure for it? This section is dedicated to lumps & bumps, cuts, deforming scars, dog bites, and other miscellaneous issues.

Dr. Lisa Hwang is trained in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery, from head to toe. With expert understanding of the anatomy, she is able to apply reconstructive principles to any problems you might have.  

Skin Lesions

Mole, Cyst, Nodule, etc.

Earlobe Repair

Stretched, Split, Gauged Earlobes

from Heavy Earrings.

Scar Revision

Prior Injury, Laceration, or Incision

 Poor Scarring


Thickened, raised scar

Often occurs around ear piercings.

Dog Bite

*If dog is unknown, please visit your nearest Emergency Department for proper care.


Isolated Skin Cut, Gash

*Apply pressure to stop bleeding.

Photo gallery.


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Dr. Lisa Hwang possesses a combination of high professionalism and approachability. From the first meeting onward, she will make herself available and answer any questions no matter how trivial. She will take the time to explain things from a scientific/biological perspective, but she is a true artist as well. She always strives for perfection and will take the focus and time to get there."


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