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Regardless of their size or shape, breasts are the quintessential symbol of femininity.  In 2018, the leading plastic surgery procedure performed was breast augmentation. Many women care deeply about the appearance of their breasts, whether they are too small, too big, too droopy, or too uneven. Differing cultural and lifestyle factors, however,  may play into each woman's ideal. Some women prefer to have implants that are barely noticeable, while others aspire for the largest implant that fits. It's important to remember that word "natural" is quite subjective, and means something different to everyone. 

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa Hwang empathizes with your concerns, and she will help you achieve what nature didn't bless you with. During your consultation, she will delve into your perspective and set realistic expectations on what she can do. She will explain all the medical details you need to know, yet keep it simple and guide you in the direction she thinks is best.

Guide to SUrgery.

Solutions are not one-size-fits-all. The following problem-based guide serves to introduce you to surgeries that you may be a candidate for. These are merely suggestions--there are so many nuances to aesthetic breast surgery that every individual must be evaluated to formulate the most optimal plan for her.

too big?
Breast Reduction
Breast Lift
Prior Surgery?
Breast Correction
too small?
Breast Augmentation 
Breast Lift
Breast Augmentation
weight loss?
Breast Lift
Breast Augmentation
Nipple/areola concerns?
Breast Correction
Breast Lift
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